Un article de Charles Stross sur Heinlein


Et tant qu'on est dans les articles sur Heinlein, Charles Stross a écrit un petit article sur lui.

Petit extrait :

I'm 43. I began to wonder: what if Heinlein had been born 43 years later, in 1950? What would the 57-year-old Heinlein be writing today if he'd lived into the age of the internet and anime, and the genre of nanotechnology and the singularity? When he was 57, the real Robert A. Heinlein was probably working on "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", arguably the best and most memorable novel of his later years. "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" runs along the gleaming rails of one of his standard story structures, "the man who learned better". (Heinlein maintained, among other things, that there were only four core narrative structures in fiction.) So I had just decided to abstract this standard plot from his toolbox when a voice whispered in my ear: "she's got red hair, and a nipple that goes 'spung'!"

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