Un article en anglais sur George R.R.Martin


Le New York Time vient de publier un article général sur George R.R.Martin et le Trône de Fer. Il compare le cycle à la Guerre des roses et revient sur les qualités du cycle. 

C'est extrait. 

Martin possesses two virtues in abundance. First, he’s unapologetically coldblooded. Westeros is a dangerous place governed by the whims of men, not the rule of law, and the first novel in his series is famous for (spoilers follow!) dispatching a thoroughly admirable major character with whom readers have been identifying for most of the book. The killing is shocking, and it’s done on the impulse of a temporarily empowered child. (The same child is poisoned two books later, so hey, all’s well that ends well.) This tendency is less in evidence in “A Dance With Dragons” — in fact, some characters are beginning to seem charmed — but at least one moment in the book will have readers saying, “No way did that just happen.” 

Martin’s second virtue is a nearly supernatural gift for storytelling. All of his hundreds of characters have grace notes of history and personality that advance a plot line. 

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