Un extrait du prochain livre de Tom Holt


Le site Orbitbook.net propose un extrait en ligne du premier chapitre de Blonde Bombshell le nouveau roman de Tom Holt (Le Hollandais Volant), et pour ceux qui ne voudraient pas lire, une version du célèbre jeu Démineur mais avec des blondes.
En voici quelques lignes :
On the planet where a dog’s best friend is his man, the director of the Institute for Interstellar Exploration is taking Spot for a walk.

He picks up a stick and throws it. Spot scuttles happily away, yapping and prancing, and returns a moment later with the stick in his mouth. The director smiles affectionately, and tries to take back the stick. Spot growls. It’s a playful growl, but there’s something in it the director doesn’t quite like; something very old, recalling an injustice. He frowns.

“Bad boy, Spot,” he says.

Spot is actually a singularly apt name for this dog’s man – if you can call him that; he’s only seventeen, little more than a puppy, and the unsightly facial blemishes that give his name their aptness will most likely clear up in a year or two. The important thing to instil in a man at this age is instinctive respect and unquestioning obedience. “Bad boy,” the director therefore repeats. “Drop it.Drop the stick.”

Plus d'infos (pour les deux propositions) ici

Priscilla Duran-Mulas
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