Un inédit de John Wyndham


D'ici quelques semaine sortira en anglais un roman inédit de John Wyndham :
Plan for Chaos. Jusqu'il, ce texte de l'auteur du Jour des Triffides, était resté dans les tiroirs.

Voici la présentation du livre :

"Plan for Chaos is a never-before published novel by post-apocalyptic British science fiction writer John Wyndham (1903–69), best known for his “cozy catastrophe” novel about a venomous class of fictional plants, The Day of the Triffids. Written simultaneously with that well-known volume, which has been in print continuously since its publication in 1951, Plan for Chaos makes a fascinating companion to the author’s most famous work and offers a new angle on a writer often considered the direct descendent of the legendary H.G. Wells and an influence on such innovators as Ray Bradbury and Margaret Atwood."
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