Un mot de Coppola sur L'homme sans âge


Je confirme. J'ai trouvé ça sur le net :
"I look at it as a Twilight Zone [episode]," Coppola said in a group interview in New York. "I feel when you make a movie it can have lots of meaning and subtext, and if you see it again you might get a lot more again."

Based on the novella by the late Romanian author Mircea Eliade, Youth Without Youth stars Tim Roth as an elderly linguistics professor who's zapped by lightning, becomes young again, is chased by Nazi scientists, reunites with the great lost love of his life (Alexandra Maria Lara) and tries to discover the origin of language.

"On the first level I thought of it as a Faust [story], as a man who wants to become young, have knowledge and also to be in love one last time," Coppola said. "I made it like a kind of Faust. But it also has themes relative to love and how you take advantage or you use the people you love, and what's more important, your work or your love? It has lots of themes that seemed to be suggested by the story."

Youth Without Youth is Coppola's first film in a decade, and the Oscar-winning director of the Godfather films and Apocalypse Now wrote and financed the film himself. "

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