Un nouveau James Lovegrove (en anglais)


Solaris a annoncé qu'ils allaient publié un nouveau roman de science fiction de James Lovegrove, l'auteur de Days.

Il s'intulera : The Age of Ra.

voici ce qu'on peut lire sur le site de Solaris

In The Age of Ra, the ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the Earth. The world is divided into warring factions, each under the aegis of a different deity. Lt. David Westwynter, a British soldier, stumbles into Freegypt, the only place on the planet to have remained independent of the gods’ influence. There, he encounters the followers of a humanist leader known as the Lightbringer, who has vowed to rid mankind of the shackles of divine oppression. David and the Lightbringer have a personal connection. And there is far more to this freedom fighter than it seems, even as he drags the world towards one final, apocalyptic battle.

The Age of Ra is a powerful science fiction novel exploring themes of freedom, oppression, war and love, and a desperate fight for control of the Earth. Solaris will publish it in 2009, in both the UK and US.
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