Un nouveau roman pour Anne Rice


Anne Rice sort en anglais ces jours-ci un nouveau roman : Angel Time.

Il s'agit des aventures d'un tueur engagé par des anges.

Voici l'extrait d'une interview :

Wall Street Journal: How did you get the idea for “Angel Time”?
Anne Rice: I wanted to tell a story in which a man, working for the angels, is sent back in time to do good. The idea that fascinated me was this, that angels see time differently from us, and for them things are happening simultaneously, not in linear fashion. So they can borrow a person from our time to help in an earlier time.

You continued to write the vampire series after you rejoined the Catholic Church more than a decade ago. Why did you decide to stop writing them a few years ago?
Anne Rice: Vampires for me were always like feeling grief for my lost childhood faith, being cut off from that life. I reached the point where I didn’t have any more stories to tell from that point of view. Being on the side of the angels, it feels much better than being on the side of the vampires. Vampires were tortured, tragic figures.
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