Un roman gratuit de Charles de Lint


Assez peu connu en France (trois romans quand même), Charles de Lint a écrit en 1992 Spiritwalk (inédit chez nous).

Son éditeur vient de le mettre gratuitement enligne ici.

Voici quelques infos sur le livre :
"Charles de Lint’s Spiritwalk (1992) is the sequel to Moonheart, his groundbreaking novel about the people in and around a house in modern Ottawa that straddles this world and another one. Here is the same cast of characters, as they deal with a pair of very different threats to the ancient house. As in Moonheart, de Lint skilfully combines a contemporary sensibility, a great sensitivity to the rhythms and patterns of myth and folktale, and a set of simply likeable characters whose lives you find yourself wanting to hang out in."

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