Une interview d'Anne Dick


Anne Dick fut la troisième femme de Philip K.Dick. 

Elle a publié en 2010 un livre : "The Search for Philip K. Dick". 

Elle est en interview audio ici 

Je signale une autre interview en anglais plus vieille mais retranscrite. 
'Q. Most of Philip's fans that have read The Man in the High Castle know that you ran a jewelry business for a time. Can you tell us about your artistic endeavors? 

Phil wrote in The Man in the High Castle about the beginning of the jewelry business exactly as it happened. I started the business with Phil's help in 1960 when Laura was born and continued for 47 years until 2007 when I sold it. I'm somewhat known in the craft world. I've sold to some of the top galleries in the US, and to museum stores, and upper end gift stores. I had 13 people, some of them part time, working for me at one point. I was the largest employer in our town. (It's a very small town.)'
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