Une interview de Brandon Sanderson sur The way of kings


Brandon Sanderson est en interview en anglais pour The way of kings.

Voici un extrait :

With THE WAY OF KINGS about to be released, how well-received as the novel been thus far? Are you pleased with the advance praise and reviews?
Brandon Sanderson : So far so good. As with any book, there are some reviews that just make me happy and dance on the clouds, and there are others that are still good reviews but make me think, “Oh, they didn’t quite get it,” or that sort of thing. Asking an author or an artist about reviews is an interesting process, because we all want everyone to love everything that we’ve created, but not everyone is going to. It’s hard, even as a writer, to judge what people are saying. So far it looks really good. We’ll see.

I do think that this is the best book that I’ve written, but I also think that there are some of my readers who are not going to like it as much. With every book that I write, I do something different. The Mistborn books felt slightly different from ELANTRIS; WARBREAKER felt slightly different from the Mistborn books. This newest book feels slightly different again. There are some readers who are going to wish that I were doing shorter, more fast-paced stories rather than longer, more epic stories. I will write more books like that later on, but this book is the book that I wanted it to be. I’m pleased with it.

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