Une interview de Greg Bear


Greg Bear est en interview en anglais sur le web à propos de sond ernier roman Quantico.

Petits extraits :

"Michael Lohr: So tell me about your bioterror, near-future thriller, Quantico. What was the primary inspiration for the story? Actually, Quantico is more of a science fiction suspense novel. I think you've just invented a new sub-genre.
Greg Bear: Quantico is a high tech thriller. John Campbell used to publish very similar stories in Analog back in the fifties and sixties—I'm thinking specifically of Mack Reynolds, Joe Poyer, Rick Raphael. Since that time, the success of Tom Clancy and others has spun this off into a genre of its own—but we shouldn't forget the roots."

"ML: What projects are you currently working on and what will we see next from Greg Bear?
GB: Quantico is being published in paperback soon by Vanguard/Perseus with a major push—the hardcover had a larger first printing (by nearly double!) than any of my previous books, and at the moment is my best-selling hardcover ever. Plus, in combination with some other events, Quantico landed me on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which was great fun. I've finished and handed in the longest and most ambitious science fiction novel I've written in years, City at the End of Time. It pays homage to many of my favorite writers, including William Hope Hodgson, Olaf Stapledon, and Sir Arthur Clarke. It's set one hundred trillion years in the future—and in contemporary Seattle. "

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