Une interview de Joe Abercrombie


Le cycle de l'auteur de fantasy "La Première Loi" de Joe Abercrombie est un peu passé inaperçu en France.

Il est en interview ici et il parle de son prochain roman : Best Served Cold

Please tell us about Best Served Cold, and please make everyone else want to buy it as badly as I want them to.
Joe Abercrombie : A very dangerous woman is betrayed by her ruthless employer and thrown down a mountain. Crippled but by no means dead she sets out to wreak bloody vengeance upon him and his six henchmen, assisted by a gang of outcasts and misfits including a barbarian who wants to do the right thing, the nation's least reliable drunk, the nation's most treacherous poisoner, and a psychopath obsessed with numbers. Meanwhile, in the background, the world around them slides into an ever more destructive civil war. The results are bloody, unpredictable, and occasionally blackly hilarious. And bloody.

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