Une interview de Mike Mignola


Mike Mignola est en interview en anglais sur le web.

Le père d'Hellboy répond à une série de 20 questions du style :

"Dark Horse: What first inspired you to create comic books?
Mike Mignola: I wanted to draw monsters.

DH: It has been over 14 years since Hellboy first burst onto the comic scene, and you've been in the industry for over 20; after all this time is there something in your career you feel exceptionally proud of?
MM: I'm still pretty proud of Hellboy and I'm partially proud of The Amazing Screw-On Head.

DH: Are you at all surprised at how welcomed and popular Hellboy has become, or did you have confidence when you started creating that the character was someone people would connect with?
MM: I am still very surprised and did not expect this. I just wanted to draw monsters."

Toute l'interview est ici

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