Une interview de Mike Mignola


 Mike Mignola, l'auteur d'Hellboy, est en interview ici en anglais

Il parle de la nouvelle série Hellboy in Hell qui arrivera en 2012... 

"Nrama: Why this direction in particular? To Hell? 
Mignola: As an artist, I've never really been comfortable drawing the real world, so even though you don't see a lot of the real world in the Hellboy stories I've been doing, most of the stories were, up to a point, set in the real world. And I always felt just a little hampered by that. 

The artist finally won. The writer can write about the real world, but the artist said, "If I'm going to draw this thing, I really want to eventually cut loose. Once I figure out what I want to do, art-wise, I want to be completely liberated from the real world." 

So that's where we are."
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