Une interview de Steven Erikson


Voici une interview en anglais de l'auteur de fantasy Steven Erikson. C'est ici

On lui pose une question sur ce qui a changé depuis ses débuts :

"- What has changed the most about the genre and writing in it since GARDENS OF THE MOON was published?
Steven Erikson : I don't know. Hmm. Cover designs have to some extent moved away from what they once were, with more efforts to cadge fantasy novels into the mainstream. A flurry of young writers have arrived to push the limits, which I think is healthy. Seeing the resurgence of Glen Cook's Black Company series was most pleasing (and after reading that interview with Glen, why, next time I see him I'll buy the first round).

One discernible change is the role of the internet, but that almost goes without saying. Once, thousands of years ago when I was just starting out, writers produced stories and books and all they had to say was in their fiction. Now, they speak in their own voices, in blogs and such, and that's stirred things considerably. We're no different in feeling the need to fire a salvo every now and then, across the bow or rather more directly on target, and sometimes the fallout gets ... heated. And, for all that I said upon beginning this interview, ultimately I think a writer should speak through his or her work; all the rest is just fluff. Often well-written fluff, but still. That said, some writers truly know how to exploit the new media, in terms of self-promotion, and my hat's off to them. But for me, even the thought of it has my head ducking down. Gun shy, I guess, or maybe it's that I'd probably end up sounding off on things a little too forcefully. Best I keep my mouth shut, for the most part (and these interviews are like cracks in the smoky glass, I dart out, then back in again)."
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