Une interview de Steven Gould à propos de Tamshigiri


L'auteur notamment de Jumper est en interview sur ce site. Il évoque son nouveau roman Tamshigiri.

Extrait :
Tell us a bit about your story. What’s it about?
Steven Gould : It’s about a sword sensei who takes three of his students outside their fortified township to look for his best student, missing for two weeks in the zombie occupied lands. And also cut up zombies. For practice.

What was the genesis of the story–what was the inspiration for it, or what prompted you to write it?
Steven Gould : I made the mistake of saying on Twitter something like “Ninja’s awesome. Zombies awesome. Ninjas AND Zombies? DOUBLE AWESOME!” John saw it and direct messaged me asking if I was writing such a thing. I wasn’t but I said that I could.

'Pour la carotte, le lapin est la parfaite incarnation du Mal.' Robert Sheckley
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