Une ITW de Kathleen Ann Goonan


Kathleen Ann Goonan que l'on connaît en France pour quelques nouvelles et son roman Queen City Jazz (Chez feu Imaginaire sans Frontière) a donné une interview sur le net à propos des nanotechnologies et du jazz.

Petits extraits :

"Do you want your Nanotech Quartet to be read by nanotech developers as a warning?
Absolutely not! As a warning, perhaps, that we should not create Flower-Cities--as if anyone would? I am an inventor, an artist, a writer telling stories. As a writer, I work very hard to make my novels and stories real. I want the reader to be completely immersed. If scientists read my books and find them plausible--and they have--so much the better, in terms of the science in the science fictional work. But science fiction is not predictive. In an odd way, I am always writing about the present. It could hardly be otherwise, because the present is where I live. I use the language of the present, with all its freight of the present. Judging from history, the beam our headlights cast does not illuminate anything very far into the future.

And finally, a slightly orthogonal question: who would be your pick for the most futuristic jazz composer of the last 30 years?
Because I was immersed in WWII for so many years as I wrote In War Times, I must say that I'm rather partial, musically, to that period. Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and John Coltrane all spring to mind as those who set out in new directions and who remain timeless in their explorations, even though they don't really fall into the thirty-year limit."
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