Une nouvelle interview de Gibson


Et j'en rajoute une couche avec une nouvelle interview de Gibson.

Petit extrait à propos de Spook Country

“The novel revolves around a group of characters searching for a mysterious shipping container. One of the things I've found myself talking about a lot is that I didn't know what was in the container until I was several hundred pages into the manuscript. That had me scared to death, because none of the things I'd imagined might be in the container were working for me at all. (I'd originally planned a whole subplot about it, one that went in a completely different direction.) Things like that haunt me, because I don't get many ideas. I've always felt doing book proposals was the least honest part of my process. I go in and say, 'It's gonna be like this,' and I'm always amazed that any of the characters or anything I've mentioned make it into the book because of the way I work. I'm not conscious about what I'm doing -- I'm just doing it.
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