Worldbuilding Fantasy, Using Reality


Worldbuilding Fantasy, Using Reality est un article de N.K.Jemisin à lire en ligne.

L'auteur de Cent Mille Royaumes vient par ailleurs d'annoncer qu'elle travaillait sur une nouvelle série pour Orbit : Dreamblood.

Extrait de l'article :
People always seem surprised when I mention research, however, as if fantasy should not be rooted in reality. And it’s this kind of stuff — like the global health data mentioned in the video — that most often finds its way into my fantasy. Oh, I research all the usual fantasy material too: horseback riding, the difference between a broadsword and a backsword, mythology. But why shouldn’t I contemplate the impact that colonialism and industrialization can have on a world? Even if I’m only writing about a single country, no nation exists in isolation. So along with whether my created fantasy world has mage-quakes or djinni or irritable gods, I need to consider what socioeconomic elements are at play, and how they will impact the events I want to write about.

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