Conseils sur la lecture par Cory Doctorow


Cory Doctorow, l'auteur de Dans la dèche au Royaume Enchanté (paru en 2008), est en interview sur le blog de Worldeader, qui a pour but de permettre l'accès au livre dans les pays en développement (par le biais du numérique et des e-readers).

L'auteur a rejoint le projet et donne quelques conseils à ceux qui commenceraient tout juste à avoir accès aux livrex... Conseils valables pour tous !

Extrait :

I have a couple of pieces of advice about reading. One is that the most dangerous thing in the world is someone who has only read one book. The great thing about reading is that you can triangulate your ideas among lots of different authors, different times, or different place. When you read widely and broadly it shows you that everything is relative. It shows that there is a lot of ways of looking at things, and often times, problems can become solutions if looked at creatively.

The other piece of advice I would give them about reading electronically is to not allow their collections to be tied to one device or platform. Devices come and go, but data can live forever. The only way you can maintain access to them is if you insist on the ability and the right to move the books into any format or any platform you want to.

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