De la littérature Young Adult et de ses lecteurs


Le Young Adult est une nouvelle "catégorie" pour les livres jeunesse, entre ado et jeunes adultes.

Il y a un article en anglais sur ce blog intitulé Young Adult Books and Who Reads Them

Voici un extrait sur les adultes qui lisent ce genre de livres...
As YA books become more popular, I’ve been asking why adults read books aimed at teens. Sometimes they say that they got into YA literature after discovering Harry Potter, or Twilight, or Hunger Games. Some have admitted that they’ve always read YA, it’s just that fifteen years ago, you got the fish eye if you were hovering over the YA section at the library or bookstore.

Of these adults, some have told me that they prefer YA because it’s cleaner (though anything pretty much goes language-wise these days), because YA books are shorter (though Harry Potter lifted the lid off the old kids-won’t-read-anything-longer-than-60k rubric), that they are usually better written (though I’ve seen some heavy criticism lately, especially of some of the teen vampire and urban fantasy series). One person said that she likes coming of age stories, even though she’s a grandmother—she loves closing a book with a sense of hope. (Though there are some YA books that end with darkness and despair.)

If you’re an adult and reading a lot of YA, why? And if so, have you encountered some books marketed to YA that you didn’t think were really for young readers, but the likelier audience would be college age and up? Can you name some books that you still love?

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