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Elizabeth Moon vient de boucler en anglais son cycle Vatta's War avec le roman Victory Conditions. Une série plutôt militariste encore inédite en France.

Voici ce qu'elle en dit ici:

"The Vatta's War books are militaristic space-opera adventure novels about a young woman named Ky Vatta, who is the youngest child in a wealthy, powerful merchant family.

"She is the one child who does not want to go into the business," Moon said. "She wants to do something more exciting. ... So she talks the family into letting her attend her planet's space-military academy, convinced that this is her ticket to adventure. Like most children of privilege, she has no idea just how privileged she's been, until suddenly she's out on her own with no backup."

The plot of Victory Conditions is the climax of the entire series, Moon said. "Ky Vatta gets a fleet, and ... stuff happens," she said. "Lots of stuff. In a sense, for several of the main characters, the plot rings variations on 'If you get what you ask for, can you handle it?'" "
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