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Ca fait un bout de temps qu'on a rien eu en nouveauté en Français de Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Elle vient en fait de signer un nouveau tome de sa saga autour des vampires. Il s'intitule Borne in Blood.

"Borne in Blood is concerned with the demands imposed by expectations having to do with long-established cultural expectations and folklore being brought to bear on day-to-day experiences," Yarbro said in an interview.

That post-Napoleonic Europe should be trapped in expectations shaped by folklore on one hand and new social models on the other has been discussed in all manner of history texts, Yarbro said. "But what this meant to individual persons, particularly women, is not often touched on, and so I read letters and journals of women of the period to try to get a sense of what their realities were like in terms of real experience," she said.

The book begins shortly after Napoleon's final defeat. "European infrastructure is a mess, and the winter of 1817 is severe," Yarbro said. "Many soldiers, unable to find work in a struggling economy, have taken to outlawry. There are more widows and orphans as well. But there is also a new interest in scientific inquiry, which is both welcome and dreaded. Most of the action in the book stems from personal motivation more than social, but the social climate definitely shapes the personal experiences."

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