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David Weber est en interview sur le web ici.

Il évoque son dernier roman In Fury Born

"What can you tell readers about In Fury Born ?
David Weber : In Fury Born is basically all of the back story from the original Path of the Fury (1992). It takes Alicia from — I think she's either 13 to 14 in the prologue — all the way through the Shallingsport raid and then through the end of the original book.

I can say this: I had serious qualms about approaching this entire project to begin with, because I wrote the original Path of the Fury in about two and a half weeks. And it is the only time I've ever had a book come together that way, and I knew it wasn't going to happen again. And I was afraid of tinkering with [it.] And the prequel that I wrote is not written the way I would have written it at the time I wrote Path of the Fury, because I wrote Path of the Fury 15 years ago. But I think that I can safely say that the prequel has the same energy, moves with the same velocity, as the original novel did. And I think people will recognize it.

Basically, we take Alicia from a 14-year-old all the way through the young Marine recruit, through the experienced Marine sergeant who's joining the Cadre. One thing that happens is you meet everybody who dies at Shallingsport. And so the emotional impact, I think, of the Path of the Fury is considerably heightened by having been through the new material in In Fury Born.

Path of the Fury always hit the reader hard. I think it will hit the reader harder now. You meet the grandfather who, in Path of the Fury, we meet only his body in the snow. We meet him as her grandfather, as the most highly decorated living Marine on active service when she joins. We meet her father, who we never meet at all in the original book, who is a remarkable fellow in his own way.

But there are some changes in the original Path of the Fury, but they're all made, pretty much, to accommodate things that I added in the new material. Alicia is a little bit older. When the raiders hit the homestead, her father and her grandfather kill several of them before she gets there, before they're killed themselves.

And you see the scene in which Alicia decides why she can no longer serve the emperor because of the betrayal of her dad. So I think that the old book is strengthened. I've always had a great weakness for Path of the Fury. I've always loved the book.

And I also have a sequel planned in which Alicia is actually separated from Megaira. She's not out of communication, but she's lost. They don't even know what star system she's in, and they're trying to find her. And she and Tisiphone are at one end of the telepathic link, and Megaira is at the other while they're trying to find each other. And meanwhile, she's organizing a resistance movement on a lost planet.

Someday I've got planned out what I call the Terran Empire novels. We can start with founding the Terran Empire and move all the way up to join Path of the Fury. All I need to do is to find the time. But they're there; they're planned out.

Also, I had a complete historical novel stories planned out. It would run to at least 12 books. That is real-life, naval dynasty in the United States that would start with the Revolution all the way through the Gulf War.

The problem is, again, finding the time to do it.

Also, you know, I'm categorized in people's minds as a military science-fiction writer. OK? Well, what I am is a writer. I've got the three fantasy novels out, and I'm eventually planning to write a total of at least seven more in that universe. The problem is finding time when the publishers and the distributors don't want more Honor Harringtons to put on the shelves."
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