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Gary A. Braunbeck, l'auteur de l'excellent Les allées de Cocagne a publié il y a peu un nouveau roman : Coffin County

On en sait un peu plus sur ce roman ici.

"Coffin County, which is an expansion of Braunbeck's novella "Haceldama," is about the investigation into a mass murder. "[The investigation] has several similarities to another mass murder that took place 200 years ago in the town's past--not the least of which is evidence that strongly suggests both murders were committed by the same person," Braunbeck said.

The setting of the novel--the fictional town of Cedar Hill, Ohio--is where about 90 percent of all Braunbeck's work has been set. "Cedar Hill is a border town, a nexus, a place where supernatural forces intersect and then interact with the everyday lives of the town's citizens," Braunbeck said. "As one character tries to describe it to an outsider: 'There are places in reality where the corners of the finite and the infinite aren't quite squared, and as a result there are cracks and unfinished corners where things can ... slip through, move between the layer-sheets of reality as easily as you or I can walk from one room in our house to the next.'" "
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