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Un site internet vient de mettre en ligne quelques questions/réponses entre des lecteurs et Kage Baker (Coyote céleste, Dans le jardin d'Iden). Cela parle justement du Jardin d'Iden.

Petit extrait :

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “My question to Ms Baker, why did you choose the Spanish Inquisition and the English setting for the book? Both excellent choices for this tale, and a remarkable feat of story telling. Also which of the Company Series did you find the most rewarding and-or difficult to write and why? Thank you for a wonderful creation!”

Shirt ‘n Tie: You’re welcome! I chose the Elizabethan setting because I was throroughly familiar with that era, having taught Elizabethan English for many years and also done living history set in Tudor times. Since the Inquisition was such a powerful force, it made sense that the Company would have agents stationed in its ranks, to enable them to sift through the people and things that disappeared into the Inquisition’s dungeons. As for which was most difficult of the books to write: that would be the last one, the Sons of Heaven. All those plotlines to tie up!

tout est ici

A noter qu'elle va sortir en septembre 2008 : The House of the Stag qu'elle décrit sur son site comme :
"A fantasy novel set in the same universe in which The Anvil of the World took place. But this isn't a sequel... it's the story of how Lord Ermenwyr's parents met, married and proceeded to start their very strange family. An alternate title might have been The Villain's Journey."

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