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Kristine Kathryn Rusch, l'auteur de la série interrompue pour le moment en France Les Fey, travaille actuellement sur une série de SF et vient de sortir de sixième tome de Retrieval Artist series.

Voici ce qu'elle en dit :

"The series is set up like mystery novels: Each story stands completely alone," Rusch said. "But the overall story arc is about the characters. [Recovery Man's] story comes from that overall plot, dealing with some threads that I dangled in the previous novel, Paloma."

In the novel, on the Jovian moon Callisto, a "Recovery Man" kidnaps Rhonda Shindo, leaving her 13-year-old daughter, Talia, behind. "Talia, frightened and injured, soon learns that her mother has a secret past, one that makes Talia question her own sense of self," she said. "Rhonda soon makes a discovery of her own: that the Recovery Man is taking her to a group of aliens she betrayed years ago."

Meanwhile, on the moon, retrieval artist Miles Flint makes a discovery about something important in his own past, something that will lead him to Callisto—and a confrontation with the corporation that Rhonda Shindo works for, Rusch said. "The lives of Rhonda, Talia and Flint will collide in a way that none of them expect," she said.

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