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Il y a quelques jours, on a annoncé la parution en anglais d'Implied Spaces début Juin. Un livre en cours de traduction en français.

Walter Jon Williams (l'auteur de Cablé +, La Mélancolie des immortels et Sept jours pour expier) vient d'annoncer qu'il travaille déjà à la suite de son prochain roman This Is Not a Game

Extrait :
'Implied Spaces' has just been published and 'This Is Not a Game' is out next year. What are you currently working on? Is 'This Is Not a Game' complete?
Walter Jon Williams : I finished "This is Not a Game" in March. The book should be out in the first months of 2009. Orbit seems to be planning some major promotion with the book, so I'm hoping that you won't be able to go anywhere early next year without stumbling over a copy.
I'm currently writing some short fiction and contemplating a sequel to "This is Not a Game."

Une interview dans laquelle il explique pourquoi il choisit un genre différent à chaque roman.

You've written quite a few novels and have covered a number of different genres (cyberpunk (Hardwired), space opera (Aristoi), disaster thriller (The Rift), historial adventure (Privateers and Gentlemen) and a number of other books that cross over into the Fantasy realm). Why have you varied the genre that you write in so much?
Walter Jon Williams : There are vast possibilities within the SF genre, and I see no reason why I shouldn't explore all of them. Besides, staying in the same place all the time is boring, and leads to artdeath. We can all point at series that have gone on too long, or writers who have stranded themselves in the wrong decade and never advanced. I have a horror of becoming a bad example to my fellow writers, and so the best way to deal with the possibility is to keep moving and keep trying new things.

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