Des nouvelles de Jon Courtenay Grimwood


Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Le Dragon de Lucifer, néoAddix, ReMix, RougeRobe en français) s'est prêté au jeu des questions réponses ici

Il évoque ses projets dans cette interview :
"I'm not working on the Raf books. I was going to but then hit a contracts glitch and decided to pass (the publisher wanted world rights, all languages... My agent thought it was a rubbish idea.) Instead I've just finished the first volume of Thrones and Powers, which is set mostly in Mexico, but also features 15th century France, Heaven, Hell, Japan again, and London on the night of the Great Fire of 1666. It's a love story involving Gilles de Rays, the original Bluebeard, and Joan d'Arc...

There's a crime, a seriously large crime, and Gilles gets landed with investigating it. The book is longer than anything I've written before and it's taken me longer. In fact, it's been pretty all consuming.

As for Raf, I have the first book fully mapped out and I'm desperate to write the damn thing. It begins with a murder on a Zeppelin on the way to New York. Hani's now sixteen, Murad is heir to the Ottoman throne and Zara is still sulking because Raf is too proud to take her money. In fact, there are nine books in all and I've only written the first three. Gollancz are bringing them out in a combined volume, and we'll see how that does."
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