Des nouvelles de Kevin J. Anderson


Quand il ne travaille pas sur Dune, Kevin J. Anderson développe sa propre série de SF : The Saga of Seven Sun.

Le sixième volume vient de paraître : Metal Swarm. Il nous promet un livre de "SF Epic".

Il a déjà délivré le dernier tome The Ashes of Worlds à son éditeur.

"My forte, though, has been in science fiction, so I was inspired to try a big SF series. The Saga of Seven Suns pulls together everything I love about the genre: alien races, galactic empires, mysterious ruins, incredible creatures, exotic landscapes, giant black robots ... "

Anderson said that he has loved science fiction all his life. With the Saga, he wanted to demonstrate to as large a readership as possible the true potential of the genre. "I didn't hold anything back and filled this fictional universe with as many wonders as I could possibly imagine," Anderson said.

The Saga of Seven Suns is a huge space opera that spans several galactic empires, with incredibly alien creatures and a cast of characters large enough to fill a telephone book. "It's a continuous story, almost 5,000 pages long, and I've been working on it for seven years of my life," Anderson said.

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