Des nouvelles de L.E. Modesitt Jr


L.E. Modesitt Jr, qu'on connaît en France pour son cycle de Recluce (Mnémos).

Il évoque son nouveau roman toujours dans le même univers : Natural Ordermage, sur le site scifi wire.

"In the fantasy world of Recluce, those who control magic have almost all come by their abilities gradually and through study. Natural Ordermage tells the story of one young man who discovers he has these abilities and can use them naturally.

"And, unfortunately for him, without understanding--like a number of those natural athletes I once knew who ended up ruining their lives and careers because they had no true understanding of the limits of their abilities," Modesitt said.

That young man is Rahl, a scrivener for his father on the island continent of Recluce. "Because he can be rather self-centered and because those who are attempting to help him really don't understand his problems nor care, his use of [his] abilities leads to a greater and greater range of problems to the point where he is first exiled from his hometown and then from his land and then ends up losing his memories and finds himself as the lowest form of slave laborer in the distant Empire of Hamor," Modesitt said. "After recovering his memories, he must come to terms with himself, his past and his abilities."

Modesitt doit également sortir un recueil de nouvelles en mars : Viewpoints Critical.

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