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Rudy Rucker (dont on a pu lire Maître de l’espace et du temps en français) parle sur le net de son roman Postsingular.

Je vous mets un bout du papier de Sci-Fi wire.

Philip K. Dick Award-winning SF author Rudy Rucker told SCI FI Wire that his latest novel, Postsingular, deals with the impending technological paradigm shift known as the Singularity.

"If computers become as intelligent as us, the machines can start designing still smarter machines, and there will be a staggering explosion of intelligence," Rucker said in an interview. "For a little while, SF writers were scared of the Singularity; there was a sense that we can't extrapolate past a point where everything changes. But, of course, that's exactly what SF is supposed to do."

In the novel, one of the main characters is bent on turning Earth into a Dyson sphere of nanomachines running a virtual-reality simulation of Earth in which everyone lives on forever, Rucker said. "I'm presenting this as a bad idea," he said. "In fact, a lot of the action in Postsingular has to do with thwarting the digitalization of Earth. Nevertheless, a planetary information grid is allowed to take hold, all but indistinguishable from telepathy. And slowly physical objects themselves are becoming intelligent computers."

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A noter que le livre peut s'acheter mais aussi se lire gratuitement en ligne
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