Les infos sur le nouveau roman de Stephen King


Hier est sorti le nouveau roman de Stephen King Duma Key.

Voici une vidéo où il en parle ici.

Il y a aussi un extrait audio ici

Et même une bande annonce

Et des infos écrites :

"Duma Key is an eerily remote, stunningly beautiful strip of land off Florida's West Coast, owned by an old lady named Elizabeth Eastlake.

"This is where Edgar Freemantle comes to start a new life after a freak accident tears off his arm, and severs his marriage. And where he discovers a unique talent for painting. But soon his pictures become strangely predictive... even dangerous.

"With the help of his new friend Wireman, Freemantle begins to realise that what is happening to him is connected to the haunted coast of Duma Key and the mystery of Elizabeth Eastlake's lost sisters. But once stirred, the island's secrets have no intention of going back to sleep.

"The story is about friendship, about the bond between a father and his daughter. And about memory, truth and art. It is one of the most compellingly powerful and richly rewarding of Stephen King's bestselling novels."

Et puis pour faire bonne mesure, je vous mets aussi un lien vers des images de l'adaptation BD de la Tour Sombre : http://stephenking.com/assets/dt_lrh_art/

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