Lewis Shiner et The Fiction Liberation Front


L'écrivain Lewis Shiner a mis en route : The Fiction Liberation Front. (On a pu lire de lui en français Fugues et En des cités désertes). L'idée est de mettre en ligne des nouvelles gratuitement mais surtout réfléchir à l'impact du net sur la production traditionnelle de nouvelles de SF.

Je vous mets ci-dessous une partie du manifeste. Il est disponible ici. Et vous trouverez ses nouvelles ici et même un roman.

For all these reasons I've decided to open myself to this uncertain future. Starting now, I plan to make all my short fiction and articles available on the web, both in HTML for easy browsing and in typeset PDFs for those who might want to print them. The process of conversion will take a while, but I hope to get to everything eventually, including a number of previously unpublished pieces and even some unsold screenplays.

I'll also be adding new short fiction, music reviews, and articles from time to time, though I won't guarantee that I won't also publish short pieces elsewhere. I'm launching the site with three previously unpublished stories ("Straws," "Fear Itself," and "Golfing Vietnam") plus a major story from 2004 ("Perfidia") that's had only limited circulation. As a special launch bonus, I'm also putting up my previously unpublished screenplay, THE NEXT.

Everything on the FLF website, regardless of original copyright, carries a Creative Commons license. That license says, essentially, that you can do whatever you want with the material as long as you don't change it and republish it, or charge money for it. "
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