Un article de John Scalzi sur l'hiver et les films


John Scalzi vient de publier un article sur le net nommé : Everything I Need to Know About Winter I Learned From SciFi Movies.

Voici le début :
"Like many of the people in the U.S., I currently find myself encased in what I believe the technical term is "a metric buttload" of snow, the sort where I could go out my front door and no one would find me until April. But unlike many, I am not filled with despair at the snowpocalypse! Because I have watched many scifi movies, and they have given me all sorts of good advice about how to brave wintry conditions. And now, I will share them with you. Because I am giving that way.

The Thing From Another World (1951) / The Thing (1982)
1. You know what, if you find an ancient space ship trapped in the ice, you might just want to leave it there.

2. If you're trapped in an antarctic research station where things have gotten weird, and one of your colleagues keeps telling you he wants to see you privately just for a minute, you don't have to set him on fire. Maybe he does just want to have a chat. But take a flamethrower with you, just in case.

3. Those people in the helicopter, shooting at that dog? Maybe they know more than you.

4. The guy who accuses you of being the thing? He's totally the thing."
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