Un article sur la SF par Brian Aldiss


Brian Aldiss vient d'écrire un nouvel article pour Times Online. Son titre : "Why are science fiction's best writers so neglected?"

Je vous mets le début :

"Does a book count as a living organism? Only if it is read.

A century has passed since the Russian scientist Yevgraf Korolenko stated that “the Earth is a living organism”. In our time. James Lovelock, with his theory of Gaia, has put flesh on the words. And now we see animals and insects becoming extinct, ice caps melting, high winds and high seas abounding. Thanks to mankind's activities, the living organism seems to be dying.

Some while ago, I coined a brief definition of science fiction (henceforth, SF): “Hubris clobbered by Nemesis.” Well, here it comes now.

As more and more of the planet's citizenry choose to live in cities, so this possibly fatal wound to the planet becomes harder to deal with. "

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