Une antho écolo aux Etats Unis.


Une antho plutôt écolo vient de sortir aux Etats Unis.

Au sommaire : Gregory Frost, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Jonathan Lethem, James Morrow, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, Tim Sullivan, et Connie Willis.

"Science Fiction with a Bite!

What if we were modified neurologically so we could only tell the truth? What if aliens beamed us proof that God didn't exist? What if the sideshow freak you're seeing is really a visiting alien? What if a teleportation accident created a duplicate you?

Meet the Savage Humanists: the hottest science-fiction writers working today. They use SF's unique powers to comment on the human condition in mordantly funny, satiric stories, each accompanied by commentary by renowned SF scholar Fiona Kelleghan.

Every author in this anthology has been nominated for the Hugo or Nebula Awards - or both! - and many have won. In these pages, you'll find the top names in the SF field including:

* Jonathan Lethem (author of the novel Gun, with Occasional Music),
* James Morrow (The Philosopher's Apprentice),
* Kim Stanley Robinson (Red Mars),
* Robert J. Sawyer (Rollback),
* Connie Willis (The Doomsday Book), plus
* Gregory Frost,
* James Patrick Kelly,
* John Kessel, and
* Tim Sullivan.

"Fiona Kelleghan is an expert on humor in genre fiction."
-- Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Dirda in The Washington Post"

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