Une bibliothèque Kurt Vonnegut à Indianapolis


Une bibliothèque Kurt Vonnegut va ouvrir en novembre à Indianapolis.

On y trouvera ses livres mais aussi des premières éditions, des lettres de refus et tout un tas de souvenirs de l'auteur décédé en 2007.

Extrait de l'article :
"This November the non-profit library will open its doors to the public, offering access to books about and by Vonnegut as well as a replica of his writing studio. In addition, there are plans for a visiting writers' lecture series and a literary magazine. The board hopes both "ardent Vonnegutians" and "newcomers to his unique wit and literary legacy" will be keen to visit.

Edie Vonnegut, who is loaning the library some of her father's rejection letters, says Vonnegut loved libraries and would have wanted aspiring writers to see how difficult the route to publication could be.

"We have boxes of rejection letters, letters saying 'You have no talent and we suggest you give up writing'," she told the Associated Press. "He did not have an easy time of it, and I think for anyone who wants to be a writer it will be important for them to see how tough it was for him.""
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