Une interview de Iain M.Banks


Ian M.Banks est sur tous les fronts en ce moment avec la sortie de son nouveau roman Matter.

Voici une nouvelle interview ce matin.
Petit extrait (en anglais, sorry)
One of the tragedies (or perhaps mistakes) at the heart of Matter involves two civilizations -- the Sarl and the Oct -- dealing with other groups whose technological sophistication far outstrips their own. Is this in some sense a story about uneven development -- a clash between developed and developing worlds -- on a galactic scale?
Iain M.Banks
Yes. But it's no big deal, in a sense. Even the people at the bottom of the developmental heap, such as the Sarl, know what their position is - there's no big reveal regarding the fact they're surrounded by hyper-teched aliens, they know that from the start - but they know, or at least believe, that it's not about what toys you possess, it's about what you do with what you've got; how well and cunningly you use the abilities and advantages you have and minimise the effects of your weaknesses. It is all relative and there's even a sense in which the whole civilizational game is more rewarding for the less developed because they've still got important stuff they can accomplish; those the Sarl call the Optimae - the Culture and its fellow Galactic top dogs - have nowhere to go, nothing more of true substance to win.

They've achieved a lofty plateau from which all they can do is watch over and sometimes in the affairs of those beneath them. So being a god is boring. "
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