Une interview de Karen Miller sur Star Wars


Karen Miller, auteur de fantasy australienne (Le mage du prince), est également connu en science fiction pour ses romans sur Star Wars.

Voici une interview.

Petit extrait :
"Q – The Clone Wars has been a great success, from the launch of the film to the blockbuster television series. Your novels are dropping into that great war and filling in the lost tales. Is there an over-arching plan that needs to be adhered to or is there a fair amount of latitude to get from story point A to story point B?
Karen Miller– Well, the overarching story is defined by the films, I think. We know the journey that Obi-Wan and Anakin started together, and we know how that ends. But within that framework there is an enormous amount of space where writers like me get to play -- and so I'm playing for all I'm worth! *g* Really, provided I don't ever forget that framework, I'm quite free to construct a self-contained story within it, provided it meets with editorial and Lucasfilm approval. And now with the tv series, there are more signposts along the way that help me to understand new things about the Star Wars universe and its characters and give me more ideas to bounce off, which is great. I mean, I was as surprised as most people to learn about Ahoska -- we never knew Anakin had a padawan. But she's turned out to be great fun to write. She's a wonderful way of exploring fresh aspects of Anakin's character. He's a different person with her than he is with Obi-Wan, and that contributes to great depth and complexity for him."
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