Une interview de Robert J Sawyer


Robert J Sawyer est en interview ici.

Il en profite pour donner quelques conseils aux débutants :
"Q. What advice can you give to a struggling writer trying to become published?

A. First, the tough-love: if you can think of anything else that would make you happy, do that instead, because just about everything else is easier and has a higher likelihood of success; writing fiction is a business in which there is no clear career path, and no correlation between how good you are and how much you’ll make – it’s practically random.

Next, the pep-talk: write every day. Don’t talk about writing, don’t read books about writing, don’t take courses about writing. Just write – lots. Make the sacrifices – give up vacations, or lunches or nights out with friends – so that you can find the writing time. Nothing is more effective at improving your writing than actually writing large amounts of material.

Finally, write things you’re passionate about. Don’t write to make a buck, write to change the world – and, if you’re good, and if you’re lucky, the money will follow."
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